Goals & Objectives

Given the gargantuan challenges of the Autonomous Regional Government, DTI-ARMM is tasked to contribute to the ultimate goal of poverty reduction through a collective improvement in the regional economic growth. Thus it has aligned its work plan with the sectoral goals such as income, employment and revenue generations that would include improved business policy environment, increased investment, increased exports, dynamic and competitive MSMEs, heightened consumer welfare consciousness and good governance.

Policies, Plans, Programs Development and Monitoring Service

Industry Development and Investment Promotion and Facilitation Services Halal Industry Development

  • Halal Industry Development
  • Local Industries Development Program
  • One Stop Business Assistance Center (NERBAC)

SME Development and Promotion Services

  • One Town One Product
  • MSMED Plan Localization

Consumer Welfare and Protection

  • Consumer Watch

Revenue Generation, Collection and Fund Management Services

Industry Development and Investment Promotion and Facilitation Services

  • Trade missions and exposition

SME Development and Promotion Services

  • Domestic trade fairs

Consumer Welfare and Protection

  • Business registrations

Regulatory, Permitting, Accrediting, Franchising, Registration, Licensing, Authentication and Enforcement Services

Consumer Welfare and Protection

  • Business Name Registrations
  • Fair Trade Enforcement
  • Import Clearance Certificate
  • Campaigns for value of money among consumers
  • Mediation/arbitration of consumer complaints

Technical, Training, Development Assistance, Research and Extension Services, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Services

Industry Development and Investment Promotion and Facilitation Services

  • Business congresses
  • BIMP-EAGA facilitation services

SME Development and Promotion Services

  • Human capacity development project
  • Product development

Consumer Welfare and Protection Services

  • Quad-media promo collaterals



The DTI-ARMM shall collectively implement its programs and projects with the support of other economic agencies of the Autonomous Regional Government.

Business Development Services:

Industry Development and Investment Promotions and Facilitation Services

  • HALAL INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT- promotion of the development of the Halal Industry cognizant of the strategic competitiveness of the Autonomous Regional Government anchored on the three-tiered Halal Development Plan on Certification, Production, and Industry Development including financing, marketing and technology.
  • LOCAL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – comprehensive study of the potentials of local industry promotion in the ARMM.
  • TRADE MISSIONS AND EXPOSITION- Enhancement of Domestic and International Trade thru participation to Regional /National/International Trade Fairs/Exhibits/Expositions, Trade/Study Missions
  • BUSINESS CONGRESSES – Institutionalizing the holding of business congress with the private sector taking the lead.
  • BIMP-EAGA FACILITATION SERVICES- facilitation and promotion of Industry and Investment Priorities under the SMED Cluster of the BIMP-EAGA.
  • NERBAC- or RA 7470 to further strengthen service deliveries through a one stop shop business center and shorten processing time to a week period.

MSME Development and Promotion Services

  • ONE TOWN ONE PRODUCT – Promotion and Development of and Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) thru One Town One Product (OTOP)
  • MSMED PLAN LOCALIZATION – Harmonization of SMED Plan down at the LGU level.
  • DOMESTIC TRADE FAIRS- Intensifying market domestic promotions through fairs and exhibits.
  • HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT-centering on the core competencies of the human capital on business management, production technology and service delivery.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT- improving marketability of the product through product development, packaging, labeling and accreditation.

Consumer Welfare And Protection

  • CONSUMER WATCH – strengthening consumer groups advocacies
  • BUSINESS NAME REGISTRATIONS, ACCREDITATION- improving facilitation on business name registration and accreditation of service providers.
  • FAIR TRADE ENFORCEMENT- ensure safety and protection of consumers, allows fair playing field for businesses through collective enforcement of trade rules and laws.
  • IMPORT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE- securely issued clearance certificate to ensure safety and protection.
  • CAMPAIGNS FOR VALUE OF MONEY AMONG CONSUMERS- increased consumer awareness and maximized benefit of the value of peso.
  • MEDIATION/ARBITRATION OF CONSUMER COMPLAINTS- efficient facilitation of consumer complaints for mediation or arbitration and strict compliance to fair trade laws
  • QUAD-MEDIA PROMO COLLATERALS-maximize utilization of communication mediums for information campaigns and advocacies.

GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT (GAD) – Enterprise Development for Women and Youth affected by the armed conflict and other vulnerable groups.

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